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A Harvey water softener is a device about the size of a computer tower. It is plumbed in to your house, usually underneath the kitchen sink, and it takes the water as it comes into the house and runs it through a pair of softening tanks, which remove the minerals from the water that cause limescale and soap scum.
Every so often, the machine flushes the minerals from the tanks by rinsing them through with salt water, which is why it needs to be kept topped up with blocks of salt.

The main softeners are:


  • Compact Design
  • Maintenance free
  • Latest twin cylinder technology
  • Can be used with power showers
  • It has pinpoint accuracy
  • Non-electric
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Can be installed almost anywhere

Minimax Major:
The Major has been designed to deal with the demands of a large modern home or business. It is compact enough to fit inside kitchen units due to a twin cabinet design. The softener sits in one cabinet and a small tube connects it to the salt cabinet. With peak flow rates of 80 litres per minute, a pressure drop of <0.6 Bar (at 30 litres per minute), and a daily capacity of over 6000 litres at 300ppm, it is likely to surpass your needs.


Big Blue:
The Big Blue really is the ultimate high capacity water softener. The Big Blue has a larger cabinet that holds over 65kgs of salt, so it doesn’t need refilling as often. What’s more, it makes room for taller resin cylinders which gives a greater capacity (over 10,000 litres per day at 300ppm).
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